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Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts, formerly Park Plaza International Hotels, Inns and Resorts and commonly known as just Park Plaza, is a hotel chain which runs several hotel groups as franchises. It was established in 1986 as a company and acquired by Olympus Real Estate in 1997. In year 2000, Carlson acquired the Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts as well as sister brand Park Inn. As of 2019, the brands were


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Lorraine says

"The 1st word that comes to mind related to park plaza is extortion. I moved and notified park plaza more than a year ago of my new address. This year they mistakenly sent my invoice to my old address. Somehow they found my new address when it came time to turn me over to collections. I contacted them trying to be reasonable and make a payment having the late fees at least partially removed. I explained to them that my family had Covid. It had been a very rough year. I was told it\'s my responsibility to pay my bill whether they send me an invoice or not. When I asked why they had not updated my address I was told it had been a rough year for their company including layoffs and emails had experienced a bottleneck. Absolutely horrible customer service. Called the collection agency zcapservices at 1:13 ET and listened to the greeting that they are open until 3 ET. I chose the option to call me back when a representative is available. The return call a few minutes later said I called after business hours. Owners need to unite for a class action lawsuit against park plaza."

Amy M says

"Do not stay in Westminster bridge park plaza London, manager was so rude, people next door in the hotel room smoking and having partys, complained and was told by manager it is our fault we should have complained sooner and they have been kicked out. Was then told that we only complained for compensation, wouldn't have minded but was more than satisfied the people had been kicked out and didn't care about any form of compensation so was shocked manager even suggested it. Won't stay here ever again!"

Winnie says

"We arrived to plaza Schwerin for one night D. 23.07.2020 When we got our room, the fridges was broken. We asked in the reception if the instead will give us some ice. But the said that this was not was possible. When we went to our beed, the madras var totally unacceptable to sleep in. The was so damaging with small sticks with went out of the madness, so it was impossible to lie on it. We turn on the madress upside down and it’s was better. The to staff members was overburdened and couldn’t help os. The next morning we take to the receptionist “a man “ but he didn’t care. We showed pictures to him, but his English was wery poor and he showed no sign of interest in trying to understand our problem. The included breakfast was way below normal standard and broke roule COVID-19 restrictions."

Ross Campbell says

"Not allowing rescheduling of our trip even though my daughter is in the vulnerable health group. Profits before common sense attitude. POOR SHOW park plaza."

Clive Millard says

"Really disappointed with the Park Plaza Leeds, left my apple wireless ear phones on charge whent to breakfast then checked out, leaving them in the room, called 30 minutes later from railway station to check room, not found unbelievable will not use this chain again nor will my colleagues. Also promised to return my phone calls on four occasions totally failed to communicate with me, terrible customer service."

Jacqui Rickaby says

"Hotel was clean and presentable, great choice and selection at breakfast although pricy of bought separate. Garage parking secure but pricy too but great peace of mind being in the centre of Nottingham. we were at an organised function with a set meal - and so for this I give 1 star for the effort but more than that it wasn't worth it - we played guess the soup flavour, cheapest gravy, bland and miserable no flavour, roast potatoes rubbery and tasteless, carrots were ok actually and the courgette was supposed to be roasted but was lacklustre as well - crème brulee made me sick - so overall the meal was poor - wine at 26.00 a bottle ridiculous prices, 3.50 for a bottle of coca cola. so come on plaza get it right, I work in the foodservice industry and you really let the side down. fat cats comes to mind."

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